What is an Artworker?

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Hi there, my name is Fee, which is German and literally means ‘Fairy’. I worked for just over three years as an Artworker for one of the biggest Digital Design Agencies in the South of England. I would describe myself more as a creative Artworker. So, what does this actually mean?

An Artworker is someone who produces print-ready as well as digital files. They get a brief from the Designer and translate the concept with the appropriate software to create a finished design, based on the given specifications, always baring the client and its brand guidelines in mind. An Artworker must understand not only the basics of printing (e.g. CMYK set up, spot colours, cutter guides) as well as setting up files for screen (e.g. online based files, on-screen presentations) they also have to have the knowledge of design, formatting, typesetting, colour correction and photo manipulation.

A Creative Artworker is someone who is able to bring the aspects of a Designer and an Artworker together. Overall a multitask job, where you will need a good eye for design and for technical detail on a broad range of printed and digital products. If you would like to read more about me and my previous employment, please have a look here.